Whenever a pet owner is faced with the situation of not being able to care for their pet, due to illness, travel, or family emergencies, they are left with the dilemma of how they will ensure care for their animal. Sometimes people try to have their pets travel with them, only to find that rules at hotels, the pet's travel sickness, or everyone's worst nightmare, the pet running away, completely ruins their vacation. Often neighbors or friends are asked to care for a pet, but being good-intentioned does not equal being knowledgeable about the pets. But there is no guarantee that the animal will be properly cared for. When an untrained person is "looking in on" a pet from time to time, sometimes the pet ends up escaping or becoming sick due to the lack of supervision.

You need to find a solution where all of your pet's needs will be addressed. There is another alternative available when pet care is required, and thankfully, most pet owners will choose to utilize a professional boarding kennel when they need someone else to care for their animal. Each year over 30 million pet owners choose these kennels because they have experienced personnel who can protect and care for their pet.

It can be challenging to sort through the available boarding kennels, and decide which one will provide the best experience for your pet, therefore, the American Boarding Kennels Association(ABKA) provides information that can help your find a reputable, caring boarding kennel for your animal.